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One Piece 860 Manga Release - Katakuri's bounty is higher than jack's. Probably jack has the lowest bounty among the calamities as bounties usually go up for people introduced later on in the arc. His coo is better than eneru's and aisa's. I thought fujitora's coo came the closest to matching eneru but this is insane. Going by these bounties, how insanely strong must be the yonko themselves especially shanks who does not have any devil fruit? Also what would be the bounties of marco's and jozu's? They should be around the same tier as cracker and jack. This katakuri stuff confirms a madam shirley theory I saw that her powers were an advanced form of coO. I have been obsessed with coo since mantra in skypea honestly. I don't think its a coincidence this revelation happened in an arc centering around sanji who specializes in coO. I don't think big mom as of right now know that bege is planning on betraying her, because katakuri can only see so far into the future. Plus, since capone has become a trusted ally, there is no reason for katakuri to be using coO on him. I think katakuri is standing at the entrance, and looking into the future of people who are showing up for the tea party, to weed out threats, but for now, he has no reason to do so with capone.


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This page will soon be updated with one piece 861 manga scans, one piece 861 raw spoilers or when one piece 861 English scans is out. You can get an early one piece 861 spoilers of the manga every Tuesday while the one piece 861 scans English version were out on Wednesday. For what concerns Dogtooth, his character is marvelous, and so is his power :zomg, his design is completely new in OP manga, and it really resembles Dorohedoro's characters'.

The only thing which bothers me is, as always, random bounties., what's the point of giving accurate numbers in bounties that high except for this saga, we hadn't seen any accurate number from 300,000,000 on in fact, they were all round numbers, ending with 5 or 0. For example, if Oda had given him 1 Billion and 50 millions it would have been much more reasonable. Yet, aside from this trivia, his power of observing so much that he can see a little into the future was amazing, we have finally a character who can use his CoO better than Enel and his Priests whose power was already perfect. I can't but think: with such a power, shouldn't he be already aware of Bege's plan. Or at least, he should have already heard the whole speech, as did Enel throughout his island. Maybe Dogtooth is there for that reason, and the plan will be screwed even before starting.

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